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Updated 1/18/07

Welcome to

We are about to upgrade to QPS 3.5, and will be adding AppleScripts and helper apps soon. Check out the first-letter caps scripts added 10/21/05. There are also some AppleScript nuggets for Quark 6.5 under the Quark link.

The latest updates includes File Stitcher 1.0, software to help systems editors stitch together files that have been split into left and right halves (such as election results charts from The Associated Press).

Here is a quick listing of the downloads that are available.

File Stitcher 1.0
Description Downloads
File Stitcher 1.0 for Mac OS 9.1 and higher (including Mac OS X)
Ad Finder
Description Downloads
Ad Finder Software for Mac OS 9.1
Ad Finder Software for Mac X (Updated for Tiger)
AppleScripts for ALS to generate tab-delimited run list for Ad Finder
Description Script
Change selecte text in Quark 6.5 to first-letter caps (NEW!)
Catalog graphics in Cumulus
Count files in a directory and create a log file
Mount a server volume after prompting user for logon and password
Convert QPSCopyDesk Xtags to HTML tags
Get name of current QuarkXpress box
Get path to images in QuarkXpress file and save this to a file
Send email via Microsoft Outlook (requires iDo Script Scheduler)
Date Formatter (returns date in numeric format) by Greg Weber
Replace Zapf Dingbat bullets in Quark Xpress documents
Replace regular qutoes with smart quotes in text files
Digital Collections
Description Software
Digital Collections Xtension for QuarkXpress 4.11 (Mac)
Digital Collections Client for Windows Computers (
Digital Collections Client for Mac OS 9.2.2
Managing Photo Quality